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Student Art Examples

I'm so proud of these art projects by my K-5 students! Some examples include art work inspired by portraits from Jean-Michel Basquiat, masks from Kimmy Cantrell, and food sculptures from Claes Oldenburg.

A colletion of K-5 art on display during an art show at Milton Elementary A young artist's portrait of a friendly monster looking off to the side with its mouth opened in an oval. The monster is bright red on a green background. A young artist drew their name in block letters on green and blue backgrounds, then cut the letters into squares and rearranged them to make an abstract art piece. Three young artist's interpretations of gnome homes made out of clay and fired in a kiln. A collection of illustrated Sweedish dala horses A young artist's portrait of a blue jay in crayon. The jay is in front of a night sky filled with stars and a crescent moon. A paper mache giraffe. A paper mache cat. A young artist's mask inspired by Kimmy Cantrell. The mask is a face in the shape of Vermont and has four main quadrants of color, from top left – blue with an orange eye, green with swirls of color, red with a white and purple eye, yellow with multi-colored lines. A top down view of a sculpted food out of air dry clay including a pizza, a bagel, and a cupcake. A top down view of a sculpted pizza slice made of air dry clay A series of 6 drawings by young artists, each one depicting pumpkins in a patch in front of a starry night. Inspired by Van Gough. A drawn puppet made out of a brown paper bag. The puppet has brown yarn for hair and is wearing a blue shirt with white flowers on it. Two paint brush projects by Kindergarteners of snowy owls with big yellow eyes. A large display of a cassrooms Jean-Michel Basquiat inspired portraits. A series of observational drawings of pumpkins by a 5th grade class. A bright orange monster on a blue background. It's hair is spiky, it has three eyes, and some sharp teeth coming out of the bottom of its mouth. It looks very friendly.

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