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Classroom Examples

I want my art classroom to be both informative and fun! The right blend is so important in order to create the best environment for sparking creativity in students.

Painted sections of wall, two mosiac patterns and one giant number two pencil
An informational board in a classroom with a rainbow of coloirs around the edge. On the left are big letters spelling out A R T and on the right is a sign asking the kids if they are Mona Lisa Quiet
A painted sign asking kids to think of brushes as people by following three steps to avoid a bad hair (bristle) day: 1. Shampoo 2. Rinse and 3.Spike the Hair Up
A classroom sign with a blue background titled Color Your World. Large crayons in groups are being used to show primary versus secondary colors, and warn versus cool colors.
Emily McCracken, wearing glasses and a lanyard holding her teacher badge, stands in front of a whiteboard with classroom instructions on it.
A painted generic representation of a classic school glue bottle with the words 'dot dot, not a lot' next to it.
Two painted canvases, on the left a large red letter A with white polka dots. On the right the phrase 'Aim for your best and to do right'
A classroom whiteboard with the day's art lesson plan. In the upper left corner is a sign advising kids what to do when they're done with their project.

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