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Chocolate Sculptures

I wanted to find a way to integrate art into my job while working for a chocolate company. What a sweet success! 🍫

A large Easter chocolate sculpture depicting an underwater scene with a bunny riding in a submarine through a brown coral reef. A large octopus sits on the upper left of the reef.
A close-up of a chocolate bunny riding inside of an egg shaped submarine through a chocolate coral reef.
A close-up of a smiling chocolate whale, painted with blue colored cocoa butter, with 3 red hearts coming out of its spout.
A large chocolate Valentine's sculpture featuring whales on abstract waves. At the bottom is the pun 'Whale You Be Mine?'
A large chocolate Christmas sculpture with cute penguins wearing elves hats having a snowball fight.
Close-up of chocolate penguins having a snowball fight. The penguin on the left is partially obscured and looks like they're just about to throw a snowball.
A close-up of a base of a chocolate sculpture with chocolate flames.
A large chocolate sculpture featuring a Phoenix sitting on top of abrtract red shared that look like flames. The feathers of the Phoenix mimick the same shape and colors of the flames.

View my full portfolio of chocolate sculptures.

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